The Institute for Governance and Leadership Studies in Africa (IGLSA) is an international non-State intellectual and Professional Resource Centre established as a concerted and constructive response to challenges of Africa development. A multi-disciplinary Centre, the IGLSA attempts to address some of the skills gaps that may have impeded development in Africa with the primary aim of enhancing the Continent’s capacity to harness its enormous potentials. The paradox of Africa is the pervasive poverty and poor infrastructure in the midst of almost limitless human and material resource base.

Our Vision

"To become the premier hub for Governance and Leadership Training, Policy Reforms while promoting good governance in Africa."

Our Mission

"IGLSA exists to initiate programs on leadership and governance, with a view to strengthening participatory governance. Through providing quality training, Certification programs and increased civic engagement, we enhance capacity for quality performance as a constructive response to the challenges of Africa’s development."

Our Objectives

Organizational Structure